Legacies and Luminaries

Stoked to announce we’re adding Mike Molenda’s experience and expertise to our ever expanding talented team of writers. Mike was the voice of Guitar Player, serving as editor-in-chief for 21 years (1997-2018). You can see the full range of all the cool and interesting things he’s been a part of on his website. Also check out his super important project Guardians of Guitar and his band The Trouble With Monkeys, which is a “rocked-out” tribute band of the beloved Monkees. You can tell by listening to this short clip of their cover of of The Monkees’ “Stepping Stone” when the band was hanging at the great Norman’s Rare Guitars, that this dude is a unique multi-talented force. Definitely leaves you wanting more.

His many talents and experiences make him a huge asset to our team. Molenda hooks us up, bringing in interviews with Reeves Gabrels, Andy Summers of The Police, and Joe Santriani. All these amazing talents are incredible additions to our confirmed artists.


Reeves Gabrels is well-steeped in the international rock community. He has been touring with The Cure since 2012 and is well known for his long-time partnership with the all time great David Bowie, RIP.  Here’s a cool clp where Gabrels chats about song-writing with Bowie in a Reverb interview. His most recent album Imaginary Friends Live, came out one year ago. The album really highlights his innovative guitar playing and ingenuity.  

We love having more UK-based renowned guitarists, the British rock scene is unparalleled in its influence of the global guitar world. Andy Summers is one of those influencers. Aside from The Police legacy, Summers has made 13 solo albums and published his autobiography “One Train Later” in 2016 which became the #1 ranked music book of the year in the UK. One of his more recent project is Circa Zero, a collaboration between Summers and Rob Giles of The Rescues. Their debut album Circus Hero released is well worth listening to. How could an album composed of these talents not be phenomenal?

The third addition, Joe Satriani completes today’s line up of some of the best guitarists out there. Satriani is revered as a guitar hero for right reason, having mentored and taught Steve Vai and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, he has toured with Mick Jagger and has been an inspiration to many in the art of instrumental guitar playing and use of effects. This Rolling Stone article reflects on Satriani’s three decades of “guitar daredevilry.” Satriani aimed to use the guitar in ways that were unprecedented and to create new sounds, expanding the potential of what a guitar can be and sound like. His interview is going to be mind-blowing that’s for sure.


We’re really thrilled to have the addition of these three interviews, they’re going to be fascinating reads. Keep an eye on our blog for some really interesting content coming up soon about our new writers and confirmed artists.


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