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“Fuzzes are strange and unpredictable, which is kind of the cool and dangerous thing about them, right?” —Jack White “I hit the switch on the Gonkulator, and it made this great robot noise. The salesman said, ‘Yeah . . . we haven't sold any of those.’" —Larry Lalonde “When they put my coffin lid down, it’ll probably make a wah sound!”—Mick Box “Most of the time, I have some idea of what’s going to happen once I start manipulating the 16 Second Digital Delay’s controls; but other times, I’m really just trying to see if I can surprise myself.” —Nels Cline “In terms of fuzz pedals, the Super-Fuzz is the big daddy. There’s none better. It just takes fuzz to the next level.” —Paul Leary “Before I stepped on it I had never made rock and roll—but the second I stepped on it I was rock and roll, and I haven’t looked back!“ —Tom Morello “I plugged it in, and there it was—it sounded just like ‘Purple Haze.’” —Adrian Belew “I would sit in front of a Roland JC-120 and play for hours, just to hear that sweeping chorus go by between the speakers. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is amazing!’ And then I bought the BOSS CE-1 and started using it on everything!” —Alex Lifeson “When one Expandora was good, we thought, ‘What about, say . . . six?’” —Billy Gibbons

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