What’s up LA??

We head to LA to photograph and interview John Frusciante, Tom Morello, Dean DeLeo, Allan Holdsworth and G.E. Stinson.

Dean Deleo is the first, he is super cool and easygoing. We won’t give away too much yet…stay tuned for our future “behind the scenes” post coming soon. I will say that all photoshoots went flawlessly.

I get to meet Dean DeLeo in person and we spend three hours in his studio going thru an amazing collection of rare pedals and some toy pedals he’s has been using in some of the STP material. You’ll never know!

Tom Morello is on tour, but I get to see his studio, I think he’s a Springsteen fan 😉

Of course I notice there is a lot of vinyl at John Frusciante’s house, but that’s another story.

G.E. Stinson composes music for films and uses pedals and guitars in the most creative way. I was luck y to get a personal intimate demo of what could be the soundtrack for any David Linch movie.

I then drive south to Vista, CA to meet the legendary Allan Holdsworth! We spend quite a bit of time shooting his favorite pedal but also some other prototypes he’s been developing. A humble genius.




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