Bill in the House

It’s not every day you have a great musician come to your home and grace your presence.

Bill Frisell offered to come to my place to shoot his pedal which was a really cool gesture. Not the norm but it made for a great day of hanging with Bill and talking to him about the photo shoot process. He thought I wouldn’t find his pedal interesting thinking that it didn’t have enough scuffs or wear and tear on his Line 6 DL4. I tried to prove him the contrary.

I showed him how the photography process and specific lighting techniques highlight and capture the pedal in a unique way, proving that his pedal does have a strong visual story. I showed him how he would see a whole different view of the pedal through the lighting and processing. It was a cool experience to share my side of the artistic process with one of the interviewees and I had a blast doing this alternative more intimate shoot with him.

Thank you Bill for the humble and generous gesture.


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