New Recruits | Whitney Petty & Josh Scott

Please welcome our new Stompbox recruits!

When you’re involved in a long-term project like this one, you sometimes need a little new blood to push you to the finish line — and we are buzzing harder than a Burns Buzzaround over the addition of two new recruits to the Stompbox cause. One is Whitney Petty, guitarist extraordinaire of Seattle hard rockers Thunderpussy; she has already interviewed Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready for our book, and is working on a couple of other assignments for us that we can’t make public just yet. Whitney brings the same chops, smarts and humor to her writing that she does to her guitar-playing, and frankly we’re just stoked to know her.

Also reporting for duty on the good ship Stompbox is Josh Scott, whom most of you pedal-heads already know from his fine work at JHS pedals. A true student of effects pedal history — and a pedal-builder of considerable taste, skill and renown — Josh has been working on a major feature for the book on the art and design of the stompbox. But he’s also recently signed on as our Technical Advisor for the book, just to make sure we don’t get any of our wires crossed… and he’s going to serve as Consulting Editor on another exciting project that we’ve got in the pipeline, which we will be announcing soon.

Welcome aboard, Whitney and Josh! You’re going to make this project rock even harder than it does already!

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